Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ). Here you will see answers to some questions that are frequently asked about Lotrax.com and the service we provide. Hopefully, any questions you have will be answered, however if you still have a question that you can't see an answer to, please contact us and we will do our utmost to get an answer back to you as quickly as possible.

Q. How does Lotrax work?

Lotrax is primarily a monitoring tool for links however we have automated the initial email trigger, when an issue is detected.

Using Lotrax you can add your links into groups, set specific checks to be run and monitor those links round the clock. Where you want to notify partners under certain circumstances, you can use email templates to write and save specific emails to be sent out when issues are detected. Lotrax has in-fills that will automatically poll the right detail into these emails to ensure that any email issued looks like it's hand written by you (.i.e. not automated). Within this notification there is also a reply form to allow your partners to respond back to you. Replies are viewable to Lotrax however a copy is also sent to your personal email address, should you want to follow up further.  

Q. Will Lotrax help my SEO efforts? If so, how?

Link building is one of the most important elements in SEO and the key area that delivers high rankings. No matter how you build your links, building good quality links takes time. Whilst using a system to build your links is never a good idea - using one to check they stay in place and continue to add value is. Lotrax not only checks your links stay on the agreed page, there are also checks to ensure pages remain indexed, the number of outbound links on a page doesn't encourage penalty, your anchor text isn't changed and that NOFOLLOW tags aren't added to your links. 

On top of this, Lotrax uses a number of email notifications. There are self notifications that are sent to you when an issue is detected outlining what the issue is. Lotrax also has a partner notification option in which you can set an email template with in-fills to pre-populate the email and have it sent to your partner automatically when an issue is detected. This process mimics the first email you would send. Replies are sent back to Lotrax using a custom partner response form. It's then on you to take the appropriate action. How does this help SEO? Lotrax reduces the number of lost / altered links (red flags to the SE's) through early warning. This reduces the negative impact on your SEO activities.

Q. What do you do when an issue is found?

You get to configure how many checks to have running over your links. You will have the option to self notify in the event of an issue being detected. You also have an initial email trigger that can be used to notify your partners. Each check allows a pre-set email to be written using in-fills that are automatically populated from the linking details you enter. When an issue is detected, an email can be sent out asking for the issue to be corrected. You would then get any replies back into Lotrax (and a copy to your personal email address) allowing you to check the issue has been resolved.

Q. How does Lotrax help me with link building?

It's hugely important to check not only that the links we build stay in place, but also that these links are not altered in a way that reduces the benefit they give. Lotrax monitors your prize links round the clock and lets you know as soon as an issue is detected.

Q. Does Lotrax find sites to link with?

No - Lotrax monitors the backlinks that you build and handless the initial notifications out.

Q. Does Lotrax account for minor server disruptions?

Not many websites have 100% uptime. We don't want to be flagging occurrences where links are in place and unaltered but our partners server goes down for a short time - this happens. As such we have built a series of checks to ensure that where an issue is detected, there are periodic follow up checks made before an issue is flagged up to ensure we only flag up genuine issues.

Q. If i have difficulties, is there support at hand to help me?

Yes - we are available round the clock to help with any questions that you might have. Please contact us via our contact page.

Q. Is there anything to download?

No - there's nothing to download.

Q. I am not technical. Will i be able to use Lotrax easily?

Yes, absolutely. One of our key requirements when building Lotrax was ensuring it was easy to use and didn't require technical expertise to use. Ok, you will need to know what a link constitutes (.i.e. http://www.mylink.com) along with anchor text. Beyond that, there's nothing more technical you would need to know. 

Q. What checks do you run on links?

Our key checks are that: 1) links are not removed from the agreed page; 2) the number of outbound links on the page holding your link doesn't go over a limit that you set; 3) the page holding your link is not removed from the Google index; 4) NOFOLLOW tags aren't added to your links without your knowledge and that 5) the anchor text you set isn't altered.

Q. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

Read more on the subject here: SEO and the key components.

Q. What is the difference between reciprocal link building, 3-way link building and buying links?

Reciprocal link building was once the done thing - and it worked well. Historically, websites used to form a partnership and exchange links .i.e. you link to my site and i'll link to yours. Whilst this can still deliver value if done right, these links don't deliver enough of a punch to make them worthwhile in chasing. The search engines want links built out of merit as this enhances the user experience. Someone adding a link to a page as they believe their visitors would find something interesting is going to be of higher quality (generally) than someone posting a link as they have been paid $X.

Many websites use 3 way or triangular link building strategies. The concept is simple. Each website owner builds a number of websites, preferably from different IP addresses. They then triangulate links so owner 1 links to one of his partners websites and his partner links back from a different site, giving the appearance of merit. This is the reason each website needs to be on a unique IP address. Buying links, although this isn't favoured by the search engines, gives the appearance of merit (a one way link) and so can still add real value.

Q. What is the benefit of generating links to your website and how many do I need?

Building links is still THE most important things you can do to achieve rankings in the search engines. The more cometitive the niche, the more links you'll need. You will always be able to determine how many links might be needed by analysing the top 5 sites for a particular key-term or phrase. Read this guide out for more on link building.

Q. Who can use Lotrax.com?

Anyone can use Lotrax. There is no age restriction for our free account. To make use of our paid packages, a valid payment method will be required.

Q. Are the first 30 days really Free?

The first 30 days are 100% free. We want to you to be able to try Lotrax without having to commit to anything up front. All you will need to take advantage of this is a valid email address.

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