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24/7 Automated Monitoring of your valuable SEO links

Quality links build rankings. Use Lotrax to monitor your prize links to ensure they continue to add value to your link profile.

Auto Email Notifications

Set customised email that can be issued when an issue is detected. Infills are available to allow email to be fully personalised. Self notifications are available so you know when there's an issue.

Link Groupings

Group your links to be monitored however you see fit. Using campaigns you can customise the checks to be run on individual campaigns.

Import / Export Links

The ability to get data in and out easily is important. You can bulk import links to be monitored in a few short minutes or export any or all of your links quickly using our export tool. We also have a number of pre-customised reports to allow you to export key information at the click of a few buttons.

  • Create and Manage Campaigns

    Create campaigns to organise your links into groups whilst getting a management overview of your campaign performance and the status of each link being monitored.

  • Upload Your Links in a Few Clicks

    If you are new to Lotrax, we have an import feature for you to import your existing links from a .CSV spreadsheet.

  • Capture the Detail You Need

    Capture the information that is important to you. All links added to the system allow you to capture the important information associated to the placement.

  • No Pain - Big Gains!

    Checking links on a regular basis takes time. Let our automated checks look after your hard work. Know instantly as soon as a link is moved or removed. Even better, our system doesn't need time off;)

Why Monitor Backlinks?

Building a strong backlink profile is essential to get traffic to your website. To do this you need to build good quality backlinks on websites that are of good enough quality to provide an SEO benefit.

As well as building links, the search engines look at the rate links are built and lost. Build links too quickly and it can send up a red flag that you're getting your links through black hat methods. Similarly, lost links suggest that your website isn't good enough to link to. Authority websites build at a steady rate and don't lose too many links. Why? Because they are quality websites and people want to link to them. 

Lotrax is fast, powerful and simple to use. Get an email notification as soon as one of your prize links is removed or altered. Our system will save you time and is so fast at detecting problems (we check every 5 mins!), you will have time to take action and correct things before any damage is done to your profile. Create a free account and try Lotrax out for yourself.

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Link Monitoring Made Easy - What to Expect..
  • Anyone can use it
  • Organise your links
  • Customise checks
  • Partner and Self Notifications
  • Non Stop Monitoring
  • Import / Export links
  • Full Reporting
  • Partner replies to Lotrax and Your Email
  • Know when links are lost or altered
  • User friendly User Interface
  • Check Thousands of Links in minutes
  • Links are removed without your knowledge
  • Links are altered in a way that affects your SEO
  • There's harmful link dilution on the page with your link
  • You anchor text is changed without your knowledge
  • Partners link page become link farms
  • Unwanted NOFOLLOW tags are added to your links
  • Pages holding your links are dropped from the Google Index
  • You need to take action!